Qualitative, 2 m2 large solar collectors according to the Latvian climate cost not less than 800 EUR / unit.

Since 2007, we have tested several types and manufacturers of collectors and have realized that the most suitable for our climate are manufactured by the German / Slovak joint venture Thermo|Solar, which has the best value for money and invaluable experience gained over 35 years of operation. , scientific research and the implementation of very diverse and complex projects.

With the increase in the volume of orders and the development of logistics, we are able to offer products at a very attractive price. (prices updated in September 2020)

1 piece. Thermo|Solar TS300 flat solar collector costs 850 EUR + VAT

1 piece. Thermo|Solar TS400 flat vacuum collector costs 1000 EUR + VAT

If the price of a manufacturer's solar collectors exceeds 2000 EUR, one must also be careful.

Keep in mind that when you install solar panels, you are buying the amount of energy that your entire solar system will produce in 35 years or more.