On-grid solar systems

Electricity is most often used for self-consumption because it is profitable. For example, in offices, factories or farms where people, equipment or other people work, electricity is consumed during the day when the sun's rays are highest. In this way, all the electricity produced is immediately used efficiently, helping to reduce the total cost of electricity.

Also, every private or legal person has the opportunity to produce electricity themselves and sell it in the network, because the free electricity market has been introduced in Latvia since January 1, 2015. Some companies and individuals also do this by using vacant land and roof areas to install photovoltaic panels on them.

Owners of solar panels or photovoltaic panel systems, as participants in the electricity market (and at the same time its consumers), gain, among other things, a number of advantages, the most important of which are investment security and guaranteed profits.

Sauleskolektors.lv performs professional design, installation and adjustment of solar panel systems based on real electricity consumption measurements and analysis, as well as planned consumption volumes.

The standard solution includes:

  • Electricity consumption measurements, their analysis and preparation of a corresponding offer;
  • Purchase and supply of appropriate and high-quality solar panels, load-bearing structures, cables, inverters and other components required for the installation of the system, while ensuring the best possible guarantees for these components from the manufacturers;
  • Installation of solar panels in open areas, on roofs, in place of roofing, or - by installing them in facades (according to the project and customer needs);
  • Carrying out works within agreed deadlines, taking into account the client's interests;
  • System adjustment according to the requirements of the client and JSC "Sadales tīkls".