Off-grid solar systems

Off-grid solar electricity or "Off Grid" systems are relevant wherever conventional electricity is not available (no centralized distribution networks) or serves as an alternative source of electricity. For example, when power lines are repaired or storms and other unforeseen natural disasters occur. performs professional design, installation and adjustment of solar panel systems based on real electricity consumption measurements and analysis, as well as planned consumption volumes.

The standard solution includes:

  • Electricity consumption measurements, their analysis and preparation of a corresponding offer;
  • Purchase and supply of appropriate and high-quality solar panels, load-bearing structures, cables, inverters and other components required for the installation of the system, while ensuring the best possible guarantees for these components from the manufacturers;
  • Connection of high-quality lithium batteries, as well as charging and discharging equipment to photovoltaic panels and the building's internal electrical network. These batteries are completely safe for humans and the environment, do not contain carcinogens or acids, and do not otherwise endanger human health and the safety of buildings. In addition, they allow almost 100% discharge and have a factory warranty of about 3,000 cycles, depending on the manufacturer (which is about eight years of intensive use). Although these batteries are likely to work for decades if properly installed;
  • Installation of solar panels in open areas, on roofs, on the roofing site, or by installing them in facades (according to the project and customer needs);
  • Carrying out works within agreed deadlines, taking into account the client's interests;
  • Adjusting the system according to customer requirements.