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Solar collectors for water heating

Solar collectors for water heating

The most common type of water heating is the most popular application of solar collectors. In fact, it was for this purpose that solar systems were once created. Namely, to accumulate solar energy and convert it into heat energy, which is used to heat more or less water.

As hot water is needed all year round, not only in households, but also in institutions and businesses, it is perfectly logical and understandable to want to save by using free, unpaid solar radiation.

The water can be heated with solar equipment in practically any sunlit object - by placing the collectors either on the roof and walls of the building, or in the area adjacent to this building. Using solar systems, up to 60-70% of the energy needed to heat water can be obtained annually.

Modern solar collector equipment allows to use not only direct solar radiation, but also scattered. This several times increases the efficiency of solar systems. Even when the sun's rays are not so pronounced - for example, on cloudy days.

Of course, really effective these devices are in the period from summer to autumn. It is traditional in the Baltic region - from April to October. However, the systems can work effectively even in winter - most often in February, when there is a lot of frost outside, and because of that the bright sun shines.

However, in the period from November to February, when the heat produced by the sun is not enough even in the most favorable weather conditions, it must be additionally taken from the existing heat supply system. A professionally designed solar collector system switches to another energy source automatically. This means that hot water will always be available. Even when the sun is not shining outside.

In a properly designed and installed system, the collectors are controlled by digital controllers that precisely regulate the heat generated by the sun by continuously measuring the temperature in its various nodes and changing the pump power depending on the intensity of the sun's radiation. Even in the winter months, the system provides enough energy to heat the water in the boiler, which is heated to the required temperature by a wood, gas or pellet boiler, electric heater, heat pump or any other heating device.

The simplest solar collector system consists of five units: solar collectors, solar boiler, expansion tank, control unit and circulation pump hydro unit. These elements are interconnected by insulated stainless steel or copper pipes through which a non-freezing heat transfer medium flows, which for safety reasons must not be antifreeze or other toxic liquid. Therefore, for this purpose, the systems developed by sauleskolektors.lv use a completely safe and healthy heat carrier, which also has anti-corrosion properties.

Benefits of sauleskolektors.lv water heating systems:

  • up to 70% of energy comes from solar radiation;
  • the expected service life of the equipment is 35 and more years;
  • as fuel and electricity prices rise, the solar system will lead to more and more savings;
  • comfort and a sense of security, as solar energy is not affected by the crisis and fluctuations in energy prices.

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