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Solar panels for water heating

Solar panels for water heating

One way to use electricity efficiently is to convert it into heat and use it as hot water. However, this solution is mostly used in households because of their relatively low hot water consumption.

On the other hand, where hot water consumption is high (such as factories, swimming pools, health or social care facilities), solar collector systems, which are also specially designed for water heating, are much more advantageous.

However, when using a solar panel system only for water heating, it does not need to be connected to the existing electricity network, as well as does not need to be coordinated with JSC "Sadales tīkls". The installation of the system itself is relatively simple, as it does not require special electrical converters, adjustment and special adjustment procedures.

Even if the system is connected to the grid, the electricity generated can be used to heat water. For example, using the innovative product Ohmpilot from the Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius, which allows the amount of energy that would otherwise be returned to the grid to be used efficiently for water heating.

Sauleskolektors.lv performs professional design, installation and adjustment of solar panel systems based on real electricity consumption measurements and analysis, as well as planned consumption volumes.

The standard solution includes:

  • Electricity consumption measurements, their analysis and preparation of a corresponding offer;
  • Purchase and supply of appropriate and high-quality solar panels, load-bearing structures, cables, inverters and other components required for the installation of the system, while ensuring the best possible guarantees for these components from the manufacturers;
  • Purchase, delivery and installation of special boilers (with built-in unique electronics) that ensure efficient use of solar electricity for water heating;
  • Possibility to install solar electric heaters in existing boilers or heat accumulators, which allows to use the energy produced by solar panels for water heating or even heating;
  • Installation of solar panels in open areas, on roofs, in place of roofing, or - by installing them in facades (according to the project and customer needs);
  • Carrying out works within agreed deadlines, taking into account the client's interests;
  • Adjusting the system according to the customer's (and, if necessary - also JSC "Sadales tīkls") requirements.

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