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Solar collectors for heating - Solar heat pump system

Solar collectors for heating - Solar heat pump system

It is already possible in Latvia to use solar collectors for heating, fully supplying the house with heat and hot water, using direct and accumulated solar energy for this purpose.

This type of heating is called the "Solar Heat Pump System" or "Solar Pump" and consists of two essential parts - a heat pump with large heat exchangers and flat vacuum solar collectors.

The advantage of the system is that on sunny days, the unused heat from the solar collectors is discharged directly to the ground, and when there is not enough direct solar energy, the heat pump "pumps it" out of the ground. Thus, the sun heats the house, water in the boiler or even in the swimming pool, if any.

At the same time, the "solar heat pump system" also solves the traditional problem of ground source heat pumps - the freezing of pipes in the ground circuit, which occurs when the ground cools down too much. As a result, classic heat pumps are temporarily transformed into conventional electric heating, which significantly increases the cost of heating for owners. The "solar pump", on the other hand, heats the earth's contour as soon as it has sufficient solar radiation.

A pre-installed ground source heat pump can also be upgraded to a "Solar Heat Pump System". The unit is supplemented by connecting flat vacuum solar collectors to the existing heat pump and installing appropriate automation. It is noteworthy that the energy consumption of such an "improved" system is also significantly lower than that of a conventional heat pump or any other heating device.

However, sauleskolektors.lv specialists, whenever possible, recommend that the "Saulessūkņa" systems be designed correctly from the very beginning - using those devices that are specially designed for these systems, mutually compatible and tested in long-term practice.

The "solar heat pump system", consuming relatively little electricity (about 300 euros per year per 150 m2 building), is able to fully supply the house with hot water and energy needed for heating.

Benefits of sauleskolektors.lv:

  • The average efficiency of the "Solar Heat Pump System" is 1:8;
  • The expected service life of the equipment is 35 years and more;
  • As fuel and electricity prices rise, the "Solar Heat Pump System" will save more and more every year, while improving the quality of life for the owner and his family;
  • Comfort and a sense of security, because solar energy is not affected by the crisis and fluctuations in energy prices.

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