Our company has been developing and implementing high-quality solar collector and photovoltaic panel systems since 2007. Specializing in providing the following services:

  • design, delivery, installation and maintenance of solar collectors and photovoltaic panel systems;
  • professional consultations - including on-site inspection of existing or future objects and projects;
  • computer simulations and other calculations for the purpose of forecasting the potential amount of energy produced by the systems, as well as the costs related to the installation thereof;
  • supply, installation and maintenance of solar collectors and photovoltaic panel equipment;
  • design and construction of solar power plants;
  • creation of solar panel systems with mains connection (so-called “on-grid” systems);
  • creation of electricity storage systems with AR or WITHOUT electricity network connections (so-called “on-grid backup” or “off-grid” systems);
  • design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar heat pumps and other heating systems;
  • we also perform the optimization and adjustment of incorrectly and erroneously designed or non-functioning solar energy systems, as well as their reconstruction;
  • preparation of project applications for co-financing and / or receipt from the European Union or the State of Latvia, as well as for receipt of non-refundable cash grants and / or credit guarantees;
  • supply and installation of technological equipment for the production of microgeneration heat or electricity in order to ensure the production of heat or electricity from renewable energy sources and the supply of heat or electricity, as well as other measures if they are necessary to increase the energy efficiency of a residential house.

Solar collectors

Solar collectors are technical devices that absorb solar radiation by converting it into heat that is transferred to a solar boiler or through heat exchangers in a swimming pool, underfloor heating or other heat accumulator.

The design principle of a solar collector is relatively simple - it consists of a housing, an absorbent surface, a thermal insulation layer and impact-resistant solar glass. Copper pipes are placed in the housing below the absorbent surface, through which the heat carrier flows, which for safety reasons must not be antifreeze or other toxic liquid. That is why sauleskolektors.lv systems use THESOL heat carrier, which is completely safe for the environment and harmless to humans, as well as has anti-corrosion properties.

Application of solar collectors

When solar radiation reaches the absorbing surface through the solar glass, heat is generated. Solar heat can be used to heat water in any suitable heat accumulator - boiler, swimming pool, heating or support.

High-quality solar panels suitable for the climate of Northern Europe are a safe way to be independent of energy price fluctuations. This ensures maximum return on financial investment and reduces carbon emissions while protecting the environment.


Why choose sauleskolektors.lv offer?

Sauleskolektors.lv is currently the only ones in Latvia that offer its customers a patented solar heat pump system, also called "Solar Pump", as well as other innovative solar energy application solutions.

Sauleskolektors.lv offers collectors with a 12-year factory warranty, the expected service life of which is 25-40 years, and other advantages are as follows:

- Very good price-to-capacity ratio;
- Very good cost-per-return;
- elegant design of solar collectors;
- the only highly efficient flat vacuum solar collectors;
- short delivery time;
- delivery and service of complex solar devices;
- a network of reliable and trained installers throughout Latvia;
-12-year factory warranty for solar panels and load-bearing structures.