Maintenance and repair of solar collector systems

Most properly designed solar systems do not require special maintenance. The only thing that needs to be done periodically is to replace the heat transfer fluid circulating in the system every six years or so. However, the experience of shows that there are one part of the systems that are not able to function fully without regular maintenance. This is mainly due to errors in the installation process and the fact that the elements of these systems, as well as the materials used, are often not compatible with each other.

The most common mistakes when buying and installing solar collectors

Apart from the lack of competence of sellers / installers, which is unfortunately not uncommon in Latvia, there are several other reasons that may be the reason why the installed system does not function fully.

The most common mistake - the owners of collector systems are trying to install on their own, assuming that it will easily cope with this task. Unfortunately, the lack of experience makes its own and the system does not work because it is simply incorrectly installed.

Much higher losses can occur if the "cheapest" bid is chosen. This very often falls not only on individuals, but also on institutions and companies. Often, trying to save on materials and attract qualified specialists in the installation process, in the end, such systems are created, the elements of which are not compatible with each other, and therefore these systems in principle are not able to function fully (or after some time stop working at all).

In such situations, the masters of go to the rescue and redo what is incorrectly installed so that the system can work properly.

However, it is more expensive for the owners of collector systems than if they had chosen high-quality equipment from the very beginning and qualified specialists who competently install, commission and adjust it. In addition, it would be correct to do so not when the system has already been purchased, but during the design, so that it is possible to make all the necessary technical adjustments to the order.

Although all elements of solar collector systems are standardized, specialists are convinced that each system is unique in its own way, as it is adapted to the needs of a particular customer. Therefore, no two systems are exactly the same and, accordingly, each system must introduce its own adjustments, which may be different in another object.