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Solar collectors for heat pumps

Solar collectors for heat pumps

DUO System / DUO Plus System

The most effective type of heating support is the possibility to use solar energy together with the existing heating.

Compact system for supplementing existing heating systems, consisting of a heat pump heat carrier tank with integrated heat pump and vacuum flat solar collectors Thermo|Solar TS400.

How does it work?

Usually, solar collectors will try to provide enough heat to heat the heat accumulator and thus the heat will be available for heating or hot water. However, if underfloor heating or heating of the heat accumulator is not possible in case of insufficient solar radiation, the solar energy is stored in the heat carrier tank of the heat pump. From this heat pump tank, the compact heat pump takes the low temperatures and raises them to the desired heating level. During the day, the Duo system heats the heat accumulator, from which the heating receives heat even at night. If necessary, the existing heating equipment provides additional energy for heating the building or preparing hot water. In this case, the solar energy produced by the Duo system serves as a heating support for the basic heating, shortening the heating season and saving on heating costs.

Can be combined with existing heating systems

Solar collectors heat pump
Solar collectors heat pump duo


Energy in the heat transfer tank of the heat pump

Serves the compact heat pump as the so-called source temperature, because the only job of the heat pump is to raise the current temperature to a higher level using electricity. The higher the temperatures in the heat transfer tank, the less the heat pump has to run to raise them to the desired level.


There is a closed circuit with underfloor heating or radiators through which the heat generated to the premises is dissipated. Modern homes are usually built with low temperature heating. It requires temperatures from approx. 22 ° to 35 ° to create a pleasant climate in the room. The lower the temperatures required for the heating system, the greater the direct benefit from solar energy!


  • Easy integration into existing heating systems;
  • Actual doubling of solar energy output;
  • Use of hitherto unusable solar energy with a temperature of -5° to 20°;
  • Improves solar energy support for radiator heating;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Compact and advanced design Lowest maintenance costs;
  • Full use of solar energy.

Solar heat pump circuit regeneration system

Designed for hot water preparation and heat recovery in heat pump ground collectors - horizontal ground collectors, baskets and vertical probes.

  • Is your heat pump consuming more and more electricity?
  • At too low heat transfer temperatures do your heat pump not even work?
  • Is there uneven vegetation in your garden?
  • Does your lawn need to be renewed every spring?
  • Are the plants in your garden growing worse or later than your neighbors?


Solar collectors heat the heat accumulator or restore the temperature in the low circuit of the heat pump as soon as solar energy is available. The heat accumulator heats up first. Despite the low heat transfer medium temperature of the heat pump, it is always checked whether hot water heating is possible. Regeneration takes place regardless of the heat carrier temperature of the heat pump, even at impossible temperatures for other collectors, because no condensation is possible in the Thermo | Solar flat vacuum solar collectors TS400. Thus, the solar energy system works with the least radiation and thus gives a much higher return. Thanks to the skilfully selected hydraulics and adjustment, no intervention is required in the customer's heat pumps.

The system works equally well with heat pumps from different manufacturers

Solar collectors heat pump system
Solar collectors heat pumps


After a certain period of use

The ground circuit probes of the heat pumps are "exhausted" because the incoming energy is only about 1/100 of the returned energy. It must be regularly "refilled", renewed or reckoned with the need to drill a new hole a certain distance from the old probe over time. Horizontal ground collectors and compact ground collectors - baskets regularly freeze and thaw with a long delay only in summer. Cold heat transfer medium increases operating costs and prolongs the number of operating hours of the heat pump.

We have a solution to these problems!

Solar heat pump circuit regeneration system:

  • Easy to integrate into existing heat pump systems Installation is possible within 2 working days;
  • Thanks to the TS400 flat vacuum solar collectors;
  • the system works effectively even in adverse weather conditions.

The colder the weather, the better!

The colder the weather, the less energy you will need for heating. This seems contradictory. However, in winter at outdoor temperatures below -10 degrees C, due to low humidity, there is often a small amount of clouds during the day. This means that despite these low temperatures, the sun shines on the clear sky all day. During this time, the TS400 high-power vacuum flat solar collectors work very well and can produce more energy than is needed to heat your home. Therefore, the excess heat can be stored in the heat accumulator and used at night.

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