About solar collectors

What are solar collectors?

Solar collectors are technical devices that absorb solar radiation by converting it into heat, which is transferred to a solar boiler or through heat exchangers in a swimming pool, underfloor heating or other heat accumulators.

How much do solar collectors cost?

Qualitative, 2 m2 large solar collectors according to the Latvian climate cost not less than 800 EUR / unit.

When will solar panels pay off?

For example, swimming pool solar systems, depending on the location of the pool (whether indoors or outdoors, covered at night, etc.), the type of fuel replaced and other aspects, start to pay off after 36 months.

Why don't we recommend vacuum tubes?

Solar collectors can be purchased, which consist of vacuum tubes made of thin (1.4mm - 2mm) borosilicate glass. Almost all vacuum tube plants are located in China, where this type of solar collectors are the most common. However, the impact resistance of such vacuum tube solar collectors is insufficient for the Latvian climate, where there are regular storms.

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