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Ivars Frīdbergs from Valmiera - feedback

Ivars Frīdbergs from Valmiera - feedback

By installing solar collectors from sauleskolektors.lv I got a new, environmentally friendly and fully automatic hot water preparation system that uses solar energy. It has changed the quality of life for me and my family to some extent. There is always enough hot water and fluctuations in energy prices are no longer a cause for concern.

Viesturs from Mārupe - feedback

Viesturs from Mārupe - feedback

"It feels good when the gas boiler doesn't turn on, but there is hot water and the floor in the bathroom heats up. At first, the costs are high, but they are quickly forgotten when gas consumption decreases .lv looks good. It is a pleasure to enter the boiler room, how elegantly worked. I can safely recommend sauleskolektors.lv professional men to other Marupies as well."

Anda Vinteršeite - feedback

Anda Vinteršeite - feedback

Thank you for the consultation and the cost offer for the sent solar collectors.

Considering the information obtained in your consultation, researching the estimate you sent us, estimating the other construction costs required to connect solar collectors, calculating all our expenses and comparing them with the benefits, we realized that the investment would be higher than initially planned.

Solar collectors feedback vecpiebalga

Aivars Caune "Mazkļavēni" - Vecpiebalga holiday house - feedback

I would like to give this feedback to anyone who not only needs to install a solar collector system in a private house, farm or industrial facility, but to find a creative approach to how to connect this system to the existing heating and water supply system.

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