Thank you for the consultation and the cost offer for the sent solar collectors.

Considering the information obtained in your consultation, researching the estimate you sent us, estimating the other construction costs required to connect solar collectors, calculating all our expenses and comparing them with the benefits, we realized that the investment would be higher than initially planned.

You have convinced me that solar collectors are definitely the most economical way to get hot water and slow down the heating in a newly built house. In our case, additional work needs to be done to lay the pipes on the floor, build a veranda, connect the pipes to the boiler, lay the wires and pipes to the sauna, etc. makes the whole event so expensive that it is no longer profitable to install solar collectors.

We had calculated lower costs, namely, 3600, -Ls; if half of it were covered by European money, the plant would pay us back in about 7 years, but with additional costs, solar collectors would pay off in the best case after 15-20 years. This seems to us to be too long.

There is no doubt that your visit helped us to clear up many uncertainties and was therefore very valuable, although as a result we decided not to put solar collectors on our house in Saunaga. However, if we decide to build a new house, for example, in Cēsis, then we will definitely install solar collectors, underfloor heating and use the services of your company.

I would not want to owe them 5 lats for consultations and transport costs, which I missed, so please send a bank account or give an address, preferably in Riga, where to leave the money.

Thanks again for your efforts.

With greetings,
Anda Vinteršeite
(Letter from Anda Vinteršeite 8.03.2011)