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Solar panels

Solar panels, or photovoltaic panels (solar cells), are technical devices that convert light into electricity, which is then used as needed for household, office, or production purposes. The equipment helps reduce electricity bills or even allows you to make money by transferring electricity to the grid.

The principle of construction of a solar panel is relatively simple - it consists of silicon crystal cells, which are embedded in a special protective film, which is protected from weather conditions and other mechanical effects by tempered solar glass. Through this solar glass, when light enters these silicon crystal cells, an electron flows, which is then electricity.

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Use of solar panels

Electricity generated by photovoltaic or solar panels is a direct current that needs to be converted to alternating current for wider use. The equipment that does this is called an inverter. Accordingly, this converted electricity is then the most widely used.

The energy produced by photovoltaic panels can be used, both when connected to the mains and in places where electricity is not available. It is best to use it immediately, thus saving all costs related to electricity supply and consumption. If there is more electricity than can be consumed at once, electricity can be stored or transferred to the grid. While less cost-effective, it's still a good way to reduce your electricity bills or even make a profit.

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High-quality and climate-friendly solar panels in Northern Europe are a safe way to be independent of energy price fluctuations. This ensures maximum return on financial investment and reduces carbon emissions while protecting the environment.

Professionalism and experience

Why choose sauleskolektors.lv offer?

The Sauleskolektors.lv team consists of top-class engineers, electrical engineers and fitters who have not only the appropriate education from Europe, but also certificates. which are constantly updated to complement the knowledge of solar equipment training centers around the world.

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The company is one of the few in the industry that is also registered as a construction company. This means that any projects and works implemented by sauleskolektors.lv are insured against civil liability. This is additional security for the customer, as it determines the responsibility of the contractor not only for the work process itself, but also for the end result.

When installing solar systems - increased safety (protection from storm, storm and snow damage, as well as other types of mechanical impact) is a priority to which the company's specialists pay special attention in their work. Fixing panels to the roofs and walls of different types of buildings - without damaging the roofing, wind film, insulation or façade - has been an integral part of the company's work for many years.

Due to the company's relatively extensive experience in installing solar panels (which is technically more complex), using solar panels for water heating and integrating them into a common water supply and heating system is a relatively easy task for the company's specialists.

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Our advantages

Sauleskolektors.lv works only with proven solar manufacturers, so the advantages of the installed systems are as follows:

   - very good price-performance ratio;
   - Estimated payback time;
   - delivery and service of complex solar devices;
   - a network of reliable and trained installers throughout Latvia;
   - elegant solar panel design;
   - 30-year factory warranty on solar panels.



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