Solar collectors for swimming pools

Solar collectors are installed on the roofs on the south side or located elsewhere in the territory of the swimming pool owner. The required number of collectors depends on the size of the pool and the specifics of use. The collectors are connected in a closed circuit to a specially designed chlorine-resistant pool heat exchanger. The closed circuit is filled with non-toxic and non-freezing glycol liquid SolarEko, which also has anti-corrosion properties. When the sun's radiation reaches the absorbing surface through the solar glass, heat is generated.

If the pool needs heat, the modulating pump switches on and the heat from the collectors enters the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers heat (but not glycol liquid) to the pool water. Heat exchange is done instantly before the pool water is returned to the pool after filtration. If the temperature in the collectors will be higher than in the pool, then the solar system will heat the swimming pool from the sun. Depending on the location of the swimming pool (whether it is indoors or outdoors, covered at night, etc.), the type of fuel replaced and other aspects, the system may start to pay off after 36 months.

Heating a swimming pool with conventional fuel or electricity is very expensive and a waste of the planet's resources. The burning of oil and gas creates devastating emissions and increases our dependence on energy suppliers from parts of the world that are not always stable, friendly or even able to meet our energy needs.

Benefits of

  • Payback period for swimming pool solar heating system from 36 months;
  • 35+ years life expectancy of the equipment;
  • As fuel and electricity prices rise, the solar system will lead to more and more savings;
  • Comfort and a sense of security, because solar energy is not affected by the crisis and fluctuations in energy prices.