Solar collectors feedback vecpiebalga

I would like to give this feedback to anyone who not only needs to install a solar collector system in a private house, farm or industrial facility, but to find a creative approach to how to connect this system to the existing heating and water supply system.

SIA "TAUPI" chose from about 20 companies operating in this field, firstly after the publications of the head of SIA "TAUPI" Dainis Millerson in the media and on the Internet, and secondly, after the readiness to implement my technically complex building heat supply project.

The solar system is complicated in itself, but when installed correctly, it is convenient and fully automated. It does not require regular consultations, but if necessary, SIA "TAUPI" is also kindly and responsively always ready to show a creative approach to various technical solutions.

In terms of prices, SIA "TAUPI" is neither the "cheap" end nor the "thick" end, but if you take into account their creative ingenuity and technical solution in my heat supply project, then the money invested in my project from the saved headaches, wrinkles and other "specialist" consultations costs are invested safely and adequately.

I am ready to personally provide advice on my experience in solving the building's heating problems, to those who want to install solar collectors and recommend SIA "TAUPI" technical director Daina Millerson and foreman Uldis Lūks as specialists who professionally turn a complex idea into reality.

Wishing you every success in your future endeavors,

Aivars Caune Mob. tel .: 20355671