There are several ways in which creates solar systems for heating support, depending on the type of main heating of the building. The solar system for heating support also provides water heating from the sun. The most commonly used type of solar heating support system in Latvia is with a heat accumulator. In such a system, the hot water boiler is first heated from the sun, then the system automatically switches and heats the heating heat accumulator.

We also offer combined boilers-heat accumulators, which save space in the boiler room and prevent the formation of harmful bacteria in warm water. To provide heating support in Latvian conditions, not less than 10 m2 of solar collector is required. In winter, heating support system will perform preheating, supplementing the existing heating system. On a sunny autumn or spring day, enough heat is stored to heat the house all night. During the summer, such a system becomes especially powerful, so you can additionally heat the swimming pool or wet basement. offers the most appropriate solution for obtaining energy for solar heating support for each object. The total energy savings per year reach 30%.