This system has two essential parts: a heat pump with large heat exchangers and flat vacuum solar collectors.

It is an effective combination. On sunny days, unused heat from the solar collectors is discharged directly to the ground, but when there is not enough direct solar energy, the heat pump "pumps it" out of the ground. Thus, the sun heats the house, the water in the boiler and the swimming pool, if any. The "solar heat pump system" prevents the ground circuit pipes from freezing, which is often the cause of the inefficiency of conventional heat pumps.

It can be combined with an existing heat pump. A very important component of the "solar heat pump system" is flat vacuum solar collectors, which are manufactured and installed according to the patented technology and are particularly efficient. Other collectors cannot be used in the "Solar heat pump system", because only flat vacuum solar collectors are safe against condensation.

The energy consumption for the operation of a "solar heat pump system" is much lower than for a conventional heat pump and any other heating system.