Traditionally, one of the most efficient heating systems is considered to be heat pumps, which have already been installed in approximately 7,000 households in Latvia.

However, it must be acknowledged that they also have their own significant shortcomings, which the owners of heat pumps have especially felt this winter. With the cold persisting even in March, significant electricity consumption has also increased spending.

Housewife Aija Murde reveals that she has encountered another problem - a decrease in the efficiency of the heat pump. In turn, the owner of the heat pump Gvido Rasmanis reveals that the efficiency of the ground source heat pump directly depends on the incoming temperature. "So it's no secret that many homeowners with heat pumps have critically low incoming temperatures in late winter or early spring." Dainis Millersons, technical director of, agrees: "If we have such a long winter as this year, when there is frost all March, and the heat pump only cools and cools the contour of the earth, then, of course, the bills increase."

This means that even without high and long winters, but simply with rising electricity prices, heat pump systems may not be as profitable and efficient as their owners or installers initially hoped.