Unique solar collector endurance test! In order to dispel any doubts about the durability and suitability of sauleskolektors.lv collectors for Latvian conditions, we publicly performed a unique test and proved that our solar collector's 4mm thick solar glass can withstand even if a Toyota Land Cruiser comes on it.

Watch the unique video and show it to your friends, relatives and skeptics!

In honor of the convincing tests and in preparation for the new season of solar collector systems, sauleskolektors.lv applies three strong offers to SOLAR CRUISER:

  • SOLAR CRUISER 3: 3 solar collectors TS300 system - 4742,90 EUR (3333,33 LVL) *
  • SOLAR CRUISER 4: 4 vacuum solar collectors TS400 system with heat pump - 11066.77 EUR (7777.77 LVL) *
  • SOLAR CRUISER 5: TS500 solar collector system - 7904,84 EUR (5555,55 LVL) *

This year, Sauleskolektors.lv have become the market leaders in Latvia, installing a 1500m2 solar collector for water heating, swimming pools, heating support and heat pumps.

Such good prices are valid until January 31, 2013.

* - prices include VAT 21% and installation.

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