Latvian cycling trio champion Kristaps Skudra, who represents the Trial Club "Karters", says that he has been invited to test the durability of solar collectors with his bicycle.

Dainis Millersons, the initiator of the test and the technical director of SIA "Saules kolektors", explains how important it is to understand that solar collectors must be durable: "Solar collectors are on the roof, so they must be as durable as the roof covering".

Dainis Millersons emphasizes that, unfortunately, not all solar collectors are durable enough as the products offered by the company he represents, so it was decided to show it clearly: It's beautiful enough, attractive, with tricks. From a height of two, three meters jumps a cyclist with a bicycle that together weighs more than 100 kilograms. This should be a compelling argument that solar panels will withstand hail, storms, and the like… ”
Cycling trialist Kristaps Skudra claims that he has previously watched a video about how solar collectors are tested in other ways and how strong they really are. Therefore, it is hoped that they will pass the test, although he is not fully convinced of it. True, the athlete is optimistic. "I believe everything will be fine," says Ant.
After several successful jumps, the cyclist trialist admits that although “there was no confidence until the end, everything has been endured very, very successfully, the solar collectors have passed. It seems to me that I could build something higher and still endure, ”says Kristaps Skudra, emphasizing that he was more afraid of the solar collector than of jumping himself.