Solar collectors Baloži

The 2012 season has begun! On March 8, we installed the first solar collectors on the roof this year!

Winter is slowly receding and the roofs on the south side have got rid of the snow accumulated in winter. Although the outside air temperature stays slightly below zero, the roofs of the building on the south side heat up to + 12 / + 15 degrees in the middle of the day, which is a very sufficient temperature for us to ensure tightness at the fastening points with our special sealants.


balozi saules kolektori 3 balozi saules kolektori 4On March 8, we installed the first solar collectors in 2012 on the roof of a private house in Baloži. The landlord is happy to start using the spring solar heat, which is only increasing every day and producing many valuable kilowatt hours for hot water and heating support in the bathroom.


varpina rujienas bernudarzs sauleskolektori2 varpina rujienas bernudarzs sauleskolektoriIn addition, we would like to inform you that at the beginning of February we completed the first municipal facility in Rūjiena, where 20 TS300 solar collectors Rūjiena SPII Vārpiņa were installed. We placed the collectors on the roof already in December 2011.


Other large solar collector projects, which we are actively working on and will soon start installation:

Object name System size Estimated delivery time
Development of technical project and installation of plate solar collectors on Rūjiena Secondary School, Rīgas Street 30 55kW
Delivery, installation and adjustment of plate solar collector technological equipment, PII "Ieviņa", Ķekava, Ķekava parish, Ķekava region. 73,12 kW
„Delivery and installation of solar collector systems in the building of Ulbroka sports complex, swimming pool water heating” Ulbroka sports complex, Vālodzes, Stopiņu novads, LV-2130 87,744 kW
"Delivery and installation of solar collectors (for hot water heating) in the social care center" Tērvete "", "Mežmalieši", Tērvete parish, Tērvete region 80,432 kW
Cesis City 3rd pre-school educational institution, Noras Street 15, Cesis 63,98 kW
Cēsis city 4th preschool educational institution, Zirņu street 23, Cēsis 43,872 kW
Cesis City 5th preschool educational institution at Ata Kronvalda Street 35, Cesis 96,53 kW