Solar collectors CCFI

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development invites to submit project applications in the second round of the open tender for projects financed by the Climate Change Financial Instrument "Integrated Solutions for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions". Deadline for submission: November 2.

In order to inform production companies as solar collectors can reduce the costs of ensuring production processes, together with the partner SLO Latvija we will organize a seminar on October 9 "Energy efficiency measures in the industrial sector".

Within the framework of the 2nd round of the CCFI tender "Complex solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions", the maximum allowable aid intensity of the financial instrument from the total eligible costs indicated in the project application does not exceed:

  • 65% - for small (micro) and small businesses;
  • 55% - for medium-sized enterprises;
  • 45% - for large companies;
  • 35% - for merchants, if prior to the submission of the project application to the responsible institution the Ministry of Economics has made a decision on granting the right to sell the produced electricity in the form of mandatory electricity or on granting the right to receive a guaranteed fee for the installed electricity capacity, and this decision has not been revoked strength;
  • 85% - for educational institutions, regardless of the legal status of the institution.

The announcement of the competition is available in the newspapeer "Latvijas Vēstnesis".

Competition regulations, guidelines - on the CCFI website.