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We offer training at the Thermo|Solar training center in Slovakia, which gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of developing solar collector systems, become a factory certified cooperation partner and participate in the implementation of Thermo|Solar projects in Latvia.

Training time: 21-26. January.

Application by January 15.

In 2011, more than 200 Thermo | Solar solar collectors were installed in Latvia. It is planned to at least double the volume this year.

Thermo|Solar is the 5th largest manufacturer of flat solar collectors in Europe with a production capacity of 500 thousand m2 of solar collectors per year, which are installed in more than 50 countries around the world. Professionals have unique experience and knowledge that will help trainees get involved in this fastest growing industry globally.

Training will be in Russian and English.

Program: (see detailed training program below)

  • January 21: we leave around 19:00;
  • January 22: we are around 14:00. A rest
  • January 23: Factory tour; Learning introduction; For lunch; Training; A rest;
  • January 24: Training; For lunch; Training; A rest;
  • January 25: Training; For lunch; Specific projects, questions, discussions; Certification; Supermarket shopping; we are going to Latvia;
  • January 26: We arrive home.

The participation fee excluding VAT is LVL 190 per person or LVL 300 per 2 persons.
Payment includes travel, hotel, training and lunch during training.

You must bring:

  • a passport valid for departure from Latvia;
  • comfortable clothes;
  • swimsuit and towel (if you are interested in swimming in thermal waters).

Necessary information for preparation of certificates: 

  • Company Name;
  • name;
  • surname;
  • ID;
  • Application by 15.01.2012.

Program: Training on solar collectors at the Thermo | Solar training center in Slovakia

First day:

  • arrival, registration;
  • presentation, acquaintance with the factory, production history, achievements, technologies;
  • Thermo | Solar operations and marketing policy;
  • prospects and potential for the use of solar energy;
  • use of solar energy for heat production with solar collectors;
  • general overview of types of solar collectors. Market trends;
  • solar collectors with thermal insulation: types, structure.

Second day:

  • Differences, novelty, advantages of Thermo | Solar solar collectors;
  • Vacuum solar collectors: types and construction;
  • Differences, novelty, advantages of Thermo | Solar vacuum solar collectors;
  • Types of use of solar collectors: locally and in systems (hot water, heating support, pool heating, etc.);
  • Construction of solar collector systems: safety valves, overflow vessels, deaeration taps, solar boilers, etc .;
  • Types of solar boilers and their connection schemes;
  • Installation of solar collectors: pipes, valves, connections, bracket systems, etc .;
  • Installation of solar collectors on different types of roofs: metal, tile, straight, sloping, on the roof surface, built into the roof, etc .;

Third day:

  • providing circulation in solar collector systems;
  • controllers for controlling solar systems;
  • solar controller programming;
  • technical-economic calculations of solar collectors for various applications (water heating, heating support, swimming pool systems, etc.);
  • practical classes;
  • certification;
  • closing;
  • check out.

Expected result: basic knowledge of the use of solar energy, as well as the types of use of solar collectors, construction, installation, calculations, programming of controllers, certificate.

Contact person: Dainis Millersons


phone .: +371 29279228