Congratulations to Test Point winners on "Toyota Green Family Day"

Toyota's Green Family Day has come to a successful end. We would like to thank all the families and friends who made this day interesting and bright!

Sunny and warm congratulations to our winners, who were able to assemble a simple solar collector system at record speed:

  • Wess Motors Toyota, Bergi - Silvia Strogonova with the team;
  • Wess Motors Toyota, K.Ulmaņa gatve - Viktorija Drelinga with the team;

The winners received a gift card with a special "Ritual of Warmth and Sense" from Taka Spa as a prize.

The best result of the solar collector endurance test belongs to the youngest offspring of the Matison family, which was able to achieve the highest noise level when hitting the solar glass of the solar collector.

Thank you, you were best!

Special thanks for the support of Wess Motors Toyota and Taka Spa.