Vertical solar collector TS400 with vacuum thermal insulation

The vertical Thermo | Solar solar collector TS400 with vacuum insulation is a patented and the only industrially produced flat vacuum solar collector in the world. It is designed for solar collector systems where the required operating temperature is higher than 80 degrees Celsius or is used in cases where high efficiency is required in conditions of low solar intensity (during the winter period). The vacuum guarantees low heat loss and a long service life.

The TS400 vertical solar collector has the same aesthetic design as the other flat collectors. Due to the above-described features of the Thermo | Solar TS400 vertical solar collector, it is indispensable in the "Solar heat pump system". These collectors are mounted in parallel.

The maximum number of solar collectors TS400 in one row is 10.

More information about Thermo | Solar vertical solar collector TS400:

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