Solar panels for a motel in Valmiera

Solar panels for motel in Valmiera

A solar panel microgenerator for the motel in Valmiera was installed on the roof of the farm building to reduce electricity costs.

A variety of electrical appliances operate daily in the motel’s rooms, providing guests with comfort. These include air conditioners, office and kitchen equipment, and exercise machines and washing machines.

All of these devices mostly operate during the day, when the solar panels work most actively, producing electricity, which is also consumed there. Such electricity generation is especially beneficial for Latvian conditions, as it is immediately used for own consumption.

One can only add that free electricity reduces the cost of maintaining the motel, thus allowing the landlord to earn more.

Object type: Hotel
Location: Valmiera
Application: Electricity for own consumption
Solar panel type: Solitek 325
Number of solar batteries: 54 pcs.
Total power: 17.55 kW
Inverter type: Fronius Symo (dual inverter system)

The system has been operating since 2020.