Solar panels administrative building Ragana

Solar panels for an administrative building in Ragana

The solar panel system for the administrative building in Ragana was installed as one of the energy efficiency measures together with the insulation of the building.

There is also a culture house in the premises of the administrative building. Not only creative teams work on it every day, but also various electrical devices that provide visitors and performing artists with the most comfortable conditions for creative processes.

In turn, a number of air-conditioning systems have been installed in the office part of the building, which, using solar energy, no longer incurs additional costs for the municipality during the hottest part of the day.

The environmentally friendly salt water batteries installed in the building not only help to make more efficient use of all available solar energy, but also serve as a backup power supply in situations where the electricity may be switched off due to repairs or emergency conditions.

Object type: Administrative building
Location: Ragana
Application: Electricity for self-consumption and storage
Solar panel type: SolarWorld 250
Number of solar batteries: 18 pcs.
Total power: 4.5 kW
Inverter types: SolarEdge and Victron Energy

The system has been operating since 2016.