Solar panel system for a private house in Pinki

Solar panel system for a private house in Pinki

A solar panel microgenerator for a mansion in Pinki was installed to ensure the most energy-efficient functioning of building systems.

The mansion has air quality maintenance, swimming pool recirculation and water treatment systems, all of which consume a significant amount of electricity.

In order to optimize energy consumption, a solar panel system and appropriate automation were installed, which ensures the operation of all the mentioned equipment, so that solar energy is used at least during daylight hours.

It is no secret that comfort and quality of life require some investment not only in systems and equipment, but also in their maintenance. This is a great example of how the management of a mansion can combine equipment that ensures a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle with the rational and sustainable use of available natural resources.

Object type: Private house
Location: Pinki
Application: Electricity for own consumption
Solar panel type: SolarWorld 300
Number of solar batteries: 40 pcs.
Total power: 12 kW
Inverter type: SolarEdge (with microinverters / optimizers)

The system has been operating since 2016.