Solar panel system private house Bergi

Solar panel system for a private house in Bergi

A solar panel microgenerator for a private house in Bergi was installed to reduce daily electricity bills.

This project was especially interesting because the roof structure was designed in an architecturally unusual style. Therefore, several roof planes had to be used to accommodate the number of panels needed to reach the planned capacities.

The Austrian inverter Fronius Symo used also proved to be particularly suitable for this type of solution.

As a result, solar panels work better on one roof plane in the morning and on another in the evening. In the middle of the day, both solar panel fields are fully operational, ensuring that solar energy is produced for longer hours than in systems where the panels are installed on only one roof plane.

Object type: Private house
Location: Bergi
Application: Electric microgenerator
Solar panel type: Solitek 325
Number of solar batteries: 25 pcs.
Total power: 8.1 kW
Inverter tips: Fronius Symo

The system has been operating since 2020.