Solar panel system for a country house in Ērgļi

Solar panel system for a country house in Ērgļi

A solar panel microgenerator for the farm in Ērgļi was installed to increase energy efficiency and reduce dependence on electricity price fluctuations in the market.

The project was interesting because the farm has only a single-phase connection to the electricity grid, which was sometimes not enough to turn on all the necessary equipment at the same time during the most intensive working hours. Now that the new solar panel system has been installed, all equipment can be operated safely during daylight hours without worrying that something will not have enough electricity or power.

Needless to say, free electricity also reduces electricity bills, thus allowing for even more efficient management.

Object type: Country house
Location: Ērgļi
Application: Self consumption
Solar panel type: Solitek 325
Number of solar batteries: 16 pcs.
Total power: 5.2 kW
Inverter tips: Fronius Primo

The system has been operating since 2021.