Solar panel system for car service in Krustpils region

Solar panel system for car service in Krustpils region

This truck repair service has a large roof area that was never used before. Therefore, in order to reduce the company's electricity costs, the workshop owner decided to invest in a solar system. Such a system, thanks to the work of our specialists, was installed accordingly.

Object type: Car repair shops
Location: Krustpils district
Application: Electricity for own consumption
Solar battery area: 67.56 m2
Number of solar batteries: 42 pcs.
Total power: 10.71 kW
Type of photovoltaic panels: Polycrystalline
The system has been operating since 2014.

Now the electricity generated during the summer is used to operate various electrical equipment for metalworking and car repair. Including welding.

The most difficult part of the installation was to create solar constructions specially adapted to the specifics of the building, which are intended for large, horizontal roof coverings. Also, each polycrystalline photovoltaic panel was equipped with a power optimization device that allows you to monitor and control the operation of each solar cell separately. Such a system was designed to obtain the maximum possible amount of electricity in all weather conditions, as well as to show those photovoltaic panels that, for one reason or another, work at lower power (for example, if they are disturbed by tree shade or fallen leaves).

In particular, the solar cell system in question is designed in such a way that the incomplete operation of one photovoltaic panel (for example, in the case of shadows) does not affect the connection work of the rest of the series of panels. For most solar systems, this is a real shortcoming that has been addressed in this case.