Photovoltaic panels in the social care center "Tērvete"

Photovoltaic panels in the social care center "Tērvete"

There are several buildings in the Tērvete social care center, between which there is a canteen with a large roof area, which was never used before. Therefore, the management of the institution, attracting state funding, decided in 2011 to install a solar battery system by implementing an appropriate project.

Object type: Social care center
Location: Tervete district
Application: Electricity for own consumption
Solar battery area: 85.36 m2
Number of solar batteries: 81 pcs.
Total power: 10.53 kW
Type of photovoltaic panels: Amorphous silicon
The system has been operating since 2012.

Now, electricity generated from the sun is routed to the institution's internal electrical networks and used to provide comfort and treatment procedures for the clients of the social care center, as well as for other building needs.

Technically, solar cells in this facility are divided into three equal blocks, each of which is connected to its mains phase by means of a special inverter in order to balance the total power of the mains.

According to the results of the previous computer simulation, it is planned that this field of solar cells will generate electricity in the amount of approximately 10 045.2 kWh. However, as according to meteorological research, Tērvete is one of the most sunlit inhabited areas in Latvia, this reading is likely to be exceeded.