Water heating with solar collectors in a private house in Marupe

Water heating with solar collectors in a private house in Marupe

Realized: August 2010.

System: 5 pcs. Thermo | Solar TS300 flat solar collectors, 300 liter solar boiler connected to an existing water boiler.

In Mārupe, gas is a popular type of fuel, so a gas boiler and a boiler for water heating were installed in this house as well. The plant worked well and relatively economically, but the landlord thought it was wrong to burn fossil fuel gas if it could not be done when the sun was shining.

As the consumption of hot water in the house was low, a solar collector system was set up to heat the water with partial support for heating. Solar energy is heated by a solar boiler, which was added before the existing gas boiler. If hot water is not consumed, the sun's heat is dissipated into the warm floors. Now the customer's bathroom is warm and pleasant all year round and there is enough warm water even for a large bath, which can be filled with free warm water.

The customer says: "It feels good when the gas boiler does not turn on, but there is hot water and the floor in the bathroom heats up. At first, the costs are high, but they are quickly forgotten when gas consumption decreases collectors from sauleskolektors.lv look good. It is a pleasure to enter the boiler room, how elegantly worked. I can safely recommend sauleskolektors.lv professional men to other.