Warm water on a farm in Bārbele, Bauska region

Warm water on a farm in Bārbele, Bauska region

Realized: May 2009

System: 4 Thermo|Solar flat solar collectors TS300, solar boiler 400 liters, automation, other necessary elements.

There is a farm on the farm in Bauska region, where about 300 cows give milk. The milking machine pipes must be washed with hot water twice a day after each milking. 200L of hot water is used each time.

After transferring the milk, the cooling tank is also washed with warm water. On the farm, the hot water is used in the work of the milkers and other staff. There are showers. At the exhibition "Environment and Energy", farmers filled in the sauleskolektors.lv questionnaire. Our client manager contacted and it was decided to install 4 solar collector systems on the farm and to rebuild the water heating unit. Now solar energy heats the solar Sauleskolektors.lv boiler, which was connected to the existing boilers and the milking machine washing machine. The automation was set to ensure optimal operation of the solar system. The results surprised us ourselves, the current electricity bill was by LVL 100 less. Despite the relatively high consumption of hot water, the temperature in the solar boiler remains stable above 60 degrees throughout the summer. Skeptical neighbors also admit that the sauleskolektors.lv system will pay for itself no later than in 5-6 years.

Admittedly, the existing roofing - slate - is not really suitable for the installation of serious solar collector systems, as it is unlikely to last at least another 30 years. In this case, however, we installed the collectors on an existing roof, because the farm owner confidently claimed that his roof would last at least as long as the solar collectors.

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