Sun for swimming pool heating and heating support in Ropazi

Sun for swimming pool and heating support in Ropazi

The country house with a swimming pool near Ropaži receives solar heat

A ground / water heat pump is used as a heat source for water heating, heating and swimming pool heating in a well-built and well-insulated country house near Ropaži. As a form of backup heating in the house is also a wood boiler with a heat accumulator.

In order to relieve the heat pump and allow the ground circuit to regenerate during the summer, it was decided to install a system of 4 solar collectors. The installation was carried out in cooperation with partners Divine heat company SIA, which connected the solar collectors to the heat accumulator of the heat pump system, which already had a built-in heat exchanger for solar collectors. Both the warm water and the swimming pool provide heat from this battery. From the heat meter built into automation, it can be seen that during the first two months of operation, solar collectors have already produced 1000 kWh of heat energy.