Solar collectors for Vecpiebalga holiday house

Solar collectors for Vecpiebalga holiday house

Realized: April 2010.

System: For heating support and hot water. 6 Flat vacuum Thermo|Solar collectors, solar boiler, heat storage tank, etc.

The house in Vecpiebalga is used as a holiday house, where the owners mostly visit on weekends in both summer and winter. The task of is to provide a part of the building with at least +10 C during the winter months, so that when the owners arrive in the room, it would be enough to light the fireplace and quickly reach the required living room temperature.

6 ThermoSolar 70-degree flat vacuum collectors were installed on the roof to better absorb solar radiation in winter, a solar boiler, a storage tank and other necessary elements, as well as automation that allows you to control the system via an Internet connection. Thanks to the modern controller, we can measure and adjust remotely at any time of the day. As a result of experiments and data analysis, we have found the most optimal system operation scheme and program, as a result of which we are able to achieve the set task, and, for example, in March 2011, when it was still cold outside, we produced 425 kwH and always needed air temperature.

The system works with high efficiency and homeowners can forget about freezing the water pipes during their absence, as well as be sure that on arrival they will be greeted by warm homes, where to relax at any time of year.