Solar collectors in the boiler house of Jekabpils regional hospital

Solar collectors in the boiler house of Jekabpils regional hospital


The system has been operating since 2014 and at that time was the largest flat-panel solar collector system in the Baltics.

System: Thermo | Solar 156 pcs. TS510 flat solar collectors, 12 TS-S storage tanks, etc. system elements.
Object type: Regional medical institution
Location: Jekabpils city
Application: Water heating
Solar collector area: 394.58 m2
Solar unit power: 285.64kW
Chip boiler house power: 2500kW
Total system power: 285,636 kW

Jēkabpils Regional Hospital, founded in 1912, is a building with several buildings, 15 wards and a separate heating and steam boiler house. It can accommodate up to 277 inpatients simultaneously. The medical institution has a trauma center and a large outpatient department (polyclinic), which serves a significant number of people every day. In addition, the care of all these patients requires a large amount of hot water.

The hospital consumes 15 to 30 cubic meters of hot water per day, which was originally heated by burning natural gas. It was relatively expensive, so solutions were sought to make water heating more profitable. The best solution was to install woodchip boilers, supplementing them with a large and powerful solar collector system. As a result, with the help of the “” team, a total of 156 solar collectors were placed both on the roof of the existing boiler house and on the roof of the newly built wood chip storage. Their power is 295 kW and it is the largest solar collector system in the Baltics, built by 2015.

Since the new solar collector system was installed, the cold water in Jēkabpils Regional Hospital has been preheated using solar energy. It is first fed to the tanks of the solar system (with a total volume of 12 cubic meters), where the water is heated from 10-15 degrees to 30 or even 70 degrees, depending on the time of year and the amount of solar radiation.

The installed solar collector system, together with boilers, replaces the energy produced by gas heating up to 3,400,907 kWh/year.