Solar collectors for swimming pool heating in Salaspils

Solar collectors for swimming pool heating in Salaspils

Implemented: September 2011 / with CCFI 50% co-financing.

System: Thermo|Solar 3 pcs. flat TS300 solar collectors, solar boiler 300 liters, other system elements.

The landlord wanted to make the most of the energy production potential of the installed solar collectors, so 3 panels were connected both to prepare hot water and to provide heating support for heated floors, as well as to heat the swimming pool.

In order to fully ensure all these things, a larger system with more solar collectors would have to be created, so everything is designed so that if there are material possibilities and a greater need, then additional solar collectors can be easily added.

For now, the situation is as follows: solar collectors primarily heat hot water if the required temperature is reached in the boiler, or if the temperature we can get from the sun at a given moment is lower than in the boiler, the automation switches to heated floors or outdoor pool heating.