Solar collectors and panels - mobile container LAMA

Solar collectors and panels - mobile container LAMA

Realized: February 2011.

System: 8 pcs. TS300 Thermo|Solar flat solar collectors with a total capacity of 11kW, 10 solar panels with a total capacity of 1.85 kW, hygienic boiler 800 liters, electric batteries to store the electricity produced by solar panels, other accessories.


The client of the project is the Latvian Alternative Motorsport Association, which organizes various motorsport events in the Baltic States.

With the "Mobile Container LAMA" association will be able to meet the needs for hot water in competition venues where it is not possible to meet such needs on the spot.

"LAMA portable container" is equipped with solar collectors, which provide warm shower water inside the container. It also includes 10 solar panels that can be placed outside, which provide electricity for the water pump, lighting, mobile phone charging, laptop operation or any other electrical device.

The operation of the container requires access to a cold water resource - a pond, a lake, a central water supply, etc. and the sun will provide all the other energy needed for its operation.

To facilitate the movement of the container, the solar collector constructions can be easily folded to the container body and their assembly takes a few minutes, the solar panels are stored in the container during the movement.

The opening event of the project took place on July 30, 2011 in Aloja L.A.M.A. During stage 8.