Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center TS400 solar vacuum collector DEMO

Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center TS400 solar vacuum collector DEMO

Name: Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center

Installed: August 2010

System: 1 flat vacuum solar collector TS400 "Thermo|Solar", 300L boiler

At the Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center in Jūrmala, Jomas Street 4, anyone interested can receive consultations on the possibilities of using electricity more safely and efficiently, using various electrical appliances for their convenience.

We also installed the Thermo | Solar TS 400 solar vacuum collector in the center.

The system with one solar collector is installed as a demonstration object, so that everyone interested can see how the solar collector system works. This one-collector system with a 300l boiler provides hot water to the employees of Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center.

TS 400 flat vacuum collectors can work for both hot water and heating support, but they are the only way to improve the performance of "gluten-free heat pumps" with solar collectors by significantly reducing electricity bills, as well as creating a solar heat pump system.

As a curiosity, we can mention that some colleagues representing other manufacturers have asked with anger about the object of Jūrmala: "And how, you will leave him without cooling, but he will boil, he will peel the paint and he will not deform." However, we can say with confidence that nothing like this has happened and will not happen, because the solar collectors manufactured by Thermo | Solar are protected against all these dangers. With the guarantee we can say that high-quality solar collectors and a properly adjusted system do not threaten any overheating in hot weather! And no additional cooling is required!

Overheating, deformation, and peeling of paint are especially worrying for collectors who look like the construction of raw materials purchased in a construction supermarket together in a backyard garage. (Feel free to ask us in person for advice on which products to avoid)

Also, anyone interested can see how well the TS400 collector holds a vacuum in the installed manometer. This is only possible with the Thermo | Solar TS400 collector, which is the only flat vacuum collector manufactured in the world. In contrast to vacuum tube collectors, you never know how much vacuum there is in fragile "glass lamps". The unhealthiness of vacuum tube collectors is usually indicated by unclear glass or a stained tube.