Heating support and hot water preparation in Krūzes Street

Heating support and hot water preparation in Kruzes Street

Implemented: September 2011 / with CCFI 50% co-financing.

System: Thermo | Solar 4 horizontal TS 330 solar collectors, solar boiler 300 liters connected to the existing boiler, etc. system elements.

Solar collectors in Krūzes Street provide hot water, heating support, as well as a solar boiler connected to the existing boiler, increasing the volume of the accumulation tank.

Due to the small area, the solar boiler can be placed on castors, so it can be moved if necessary, if it is necessary to access the heating equipment and the water supply in the corner of the room. The TS330 horizontal solar collectors have been installed to make better use of the available roof plane.

Thermo | Solar TS330 solar collector technical data available here: pdf download

As the roof is dark in color, the load-bearing structures are also selected from oxidized aluminum, which is the same shade as the collectors. Oxidized aluminum for load-bearing structures means that their color will not change over time and will retain its original black appearance.

Minister of the Environment R. Vējonis with an accompanying delegation and journalists also visited the site.