Compact solar heat pump system DUO Plus in Jurkalnes street, Riga

Compact solar heat pump system DUO Plus in Jurkalnes street, Riga

REVOLUTION IN THE HEATING INDUSTRY - savings of more than 250 EUR / month for heating.

New solar heat pump system DUO in Jurkalnes street, Riga.

Realized: March 2013.

System: Thermo|Solar 6 pcs. TS400 flat vacuum solar collectors with a capacity of 8.688kW, heat pump DUO 2.5kW, heating tank TSPP 800l, pulse meters are installed to perform accurate energy accounting.

Situation BEFORE March 1, 2013: home heating was provided by electric heaters and a fireplace. The equalized payment for electricity in 2012 was exactly 299.61 EUR / month (210.57 Ls / month). On cold winter days, a fireplace with expensive briquettes was also heated at least once a day. Despite everything, every morning in the house a maximum of +13 degrees, which in the coldest days of February dropped to +8 degrees in the morning on the first floor of the house. The landlord tends to joke: "My house is well suited for penguin breeding."

System AFTER March 1, 2013: a compact heat pump system DUO with 6 flat vacuum collectors TS400 and 3 low temperature Purmo radiators on the first floor of the house has been installed for heating. In March, the outdoor temperature was regularly -10-15 degrees, but the temperature in the house has never dropped below +16.5 degrees in the morning, despite the poor thermal insulation of the building. During the day the temperature stays stable at + 19, + 20 degrees. Electric radiators on the ground floor of the building and a wood-burning fireplace are never used in March. Thoughts of penguins at home have completely disappeared.

Heating costs: The heat pump has consumed 274 kWh in March to provide heating, which in monetary terms is ONLY 41.92 EUR (29.46 LVL) for heating. In total, the system produced 1,402 kWh of heat in March. The total COP of the system is 5.12.

About the DUO system in brief:

  • easy to install and service;
  • no earthworks required;
  • gets 5 times more solar energy during the heating season;
  • excellent basic heating for energy efficient buildings;
  • an excellent energy efficiency solution for any building with low temperature heating;
  • actually pays off faster than investments in double-glazed windows or building insulation;

More about DUO / DUO PLUS innovative heating system - HERE.