Object: Fish processing factory Latis, Daugavpils.

Implementation: July, 2011 with 85% EU structural fund co- financing.

System: System of 30 solar collectors TS300 and many other units.

At the end of June, 2011 our specialists began work on fish processing factory Latis in Daugavpils, meanwhile it is the biggest project in Latvia.

Daily water consumption in factory is about 6 tons for different production and household needs. Before the water was heatedwith electrical and flow- through heaters, consuming spare energy. After completing the project saved money can be spent for other development needs.

After inspection and special computer simulation  an optimal engineering solution considering also future development plans was created. On the roof of the factory 30 Thermosolar flat plate collectors weree installed in three separate sections. The water supply system was improved and an  automated solar heat storage and distribution system was set up.

The total hot water production system was made even more effective, we collected heat from the fish cold storage systems.