For Water Heating

We need warm water all year long. We can warm it up at any house, guest house or any place under thesun. Water heating makes up an average of 30% from annual energy costs. You will get about 60 – 70% of energy necessary for water heating every year if you choose solar systems of

Solar system in Latvia functions productively 6 – 7 month a year, from April to October, during the period from November to February there is not enough solar energy and heating has to be taken additionally from conventional sources. Professionally built system of solar collectorsswitches to another energy source automatically. A system built by has been digitally controlled, all the time measuring temperature in different units and changes the power of pump in accordance with solar intensity. Even in winter time solar collectors are able to warm water in a tank which has been preheated by wood or pellet boiler, electricity, gas, heat pump or other heating system.

A simple system of solar collectors consists of five units: solar collectors, solar tank, extension container, control unit and circulation pump. Those units are mutually interconnected by stainless steel or copper pipes proving the flow of conveying transfer fluid. Conveying heat transfer fluid SolarEko used by is completely harmless and safe for the environment, moreover, it has ant- corrosion properties.

Benefits from

  • Water warming from sun up to 70% of used energy;
  • More than 35 years expected lifetime;
  • System of solar collectors will give greater savings considering rise in prices for conventional fuel and electricity;
  • Quality of life and sense of safety will grow because the sun shines for free.

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