For Swimming Pools

Solar collectors have been set up on southern side roofs or other parts of the territory. Number of collectors depends on size of pool and using features. Collectors are interconnected in closed circuit with chloride - proof heat exchanger. System has been filled with propylene glycol conveying heat transfer fluid SolarEko, harmless and safe for the environment, moreover, it has anti -corrosion properties. Heat has been produced when sun radiation through solar glass passes to the absorbing surface. When the pool needs to be heated, circulation pump switches on and the heat from collectors passes to the heat exchanger and further to the pool. Heat exchanging proceeds in a moment before the water is filtered and returned back to the pool. Water in the pool will always be heated from sun if temperature in collectors is higher than in pool.

System would be cost – effective already after 36 months depending on pool location (inside or outside, coverage at night, etc.)

Swimming pool heating by conventional fuel or electricity is very expensive and wastes earth resources and increases dependence to parts of the world which are not always stable, friendly or even capable to deliver energy.

Benefits from

  • Payback time of pool solar heating system from 36 months;
  • More than 35 years expected lifetime;
  • System of solar collectors will give greater savings considering rise in prices for conventional fuel and electricity;
  • Quality oflife and sense of safety will grow because the sun shines for free.

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