For Heating Support

There are several ways to create solar systems for heating support depending on existing heating. Solar system for heating support includes also water heating. The most popular in Latvia are heating support systems with heat accumulator. In this system the warm water tank has been heated first and afterwards automatically switches to heat accumulator. We are offering also combined boilers – heat accumulators for saving space in boiler room and avoiding breeding of harmful bacteria in warm water.

To provide heating support in Latvian weather conditions at least 10 m2 of solar collectors must be installed. During the winte,r solar heating support system will make preheating in combination with existing heating. In spring or autumn during sunny days the system will accumulate enough heat also for the night time. In summer the system is very powerful and additional heat can be used for swimming pool or basement.

Benefits from

  • Up to 30% of solar energy for heating and warm water;
  • More than 35 years expected lifetime;
  • System of solar collectors will give greater savings considering rise in prices for conventional fuel and electricity;
  • Quality of life and sense of safety will grow because the sun shines for free.

Additional Information