Application for Heating - „Solar heat pump system”

Already today sun collectors can be used here in Latvia completely providing your house with heat and warm water exploring solar energy. This technique is called „Solar heat pump system”. It consists of two essential parts: a heat pump with large heat exchangers and flat plate vacuum solar collectors from This is a very effective combination. During the sunny days the unused heat is conveyed into the ground warming it up. During the days with lower solar energy the heat pump takes the heat back from the ground. Therefore the sun heats the house, water in the tank or swimming pool. „Solar heat pump system” eliminates freezing of outer parts of pipes. This freezing effect often is a reason of low efficiency of conventional heat pumps.

Flat plate vacuum solar collectors are an essential part of „Solar heat pump system”, they have been produced and installed according to the patented technology and are particularly effective. Only flat plate vacuum collectors from can be used in this system, they are safely protected from rising condensation. Other types of collectors can nott be used in „Solar heat pump system”.

This system in combination with flat plate vacuum solar collectors can be installed using an already existing heat pump essentially improving its functioning.

Very important is that energy consumption has been reduced considerably and it will always be lower in comparison with conventional heat pump or any other kind of heating. „Solar heat pump system” completely provides house with heat and warm water, consuming small amount of electricity (less than Ls 200 a year for 150 m2 building).

Benefits from

  • Average efficiency of „Solar heat pump system” is 8,
  • Expected lifetime more than 35 years,
  • „Solar heat pump system” will give you greater savingsconsidering the rise in prices for conventional fuel and electricity,
  • Quality of life and sense of safety will grow because the sun shines for free.

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