For Hotels and Guest Houses

Solar collector systems are efficient in objects where the warm water has been used regularly all year long like in apartment blocks, swimming pools, aquaparks, in bathrooms of production and warehouse premises. Even more efficient when the warm water consumption is higher in summer time, like in campsites, guest houses and hotels.

Solar system in Latviafunctions productively 6 – 7 months a year from April to October, during the period from November to February there is not enough solar energy and heating has to be taken additionally from conventional sources. Professionally built system of solar collectors switches to another energy source automatically.

If there is outside swimming pool nearby it can be heated by solar collectors and the same system can be used as heating support after the summer season. Also aquaparks and SPA and fitness centers are suitable for exploring solar energy.

Only „Solar heat pump system” can provide building with heat from solar energy. suggestions for Choosing Solar Collectors and Systems:

Select good quality collectors from respectable producer with guarantee term at least 10 years.

2. Qualitative collectors are produced according with the EU Standard EN1 2975-1-2 and internationally approved certificate SolarKeymark, also must be presented data of power measurements from independent laboratories.

3. There is no reason in Latvia to reach more than 70% of solar energy proportion of warm water supplies and more than 30% of combined warm water and heating support system.

4. It is not worth to build solar system if outgoing temperature in heating system exceeds 50*C or building is poorly isolated.

5. To provide heating support in Latvian weather conditions at least 10 m2 of solar collectors has to be installed.

6. It is important to estimate size of reflecting surface of solar collector, body size is less important.

7. Thickness of isolation layer has to be at least 50 mm.

8. Assembling of collectors must be done only with metal pipes and parts; plastic parts are not allowed.

9. In case the volume of tank exceeds 400 liters, solar collector system must provide thermal disinfection automatically.

10. The statement that optical efficiency index of solar collectors exceeds 85% is not true.

11. For Latvian climate conditions it is not worth to invest in collectors where the absorbing surface is covered by paint or laquer, only selective absorbing surfaces are functioning efficiently in Latvia, like Alox, Mirotherm and others.

12. Be very careful with cheap offers of solar collectors where might be missing important units like isolated pipes, boiler, control panel and supporting constructions.

13. Only flat plate vacuum collectors from can be used in „Solar heat pump system”, they are safely protected from rising condensation. Other types of collectors may not be used in „Solar heat pump system”.

    sauleskolektors.lvoffers you devices according to the above mentioned points.