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Technical director Dainis Millersons phone +371 2927 9228 suggestions for Choosing Solar Collectors and Systems:

  1. Select good quality collectors from respectable producer with guarantee term at least 10 years.
  2. Qualitative collectors are produced according to the EU Standard EN1 2975-1-2 and internationally approved certificate SolarKeymark, also must be presented data of power measurements from independent laboratories.
  3. It is not worth to build solar system if outgoing temperature in heating system exceeds 50*C or building is poorly isolated..
  4. Assembling of collectors must be done only with metal pipes and parts; plastic parts are not allowed
  5. . In case the volume of tank exceeds 400 liters, solar collector system must provide thermal disinfection automatically.
  6. Only flat plate vacuum collectors from can be used in „Solar heat pump system”, they are safe protected from rising condensate. Other types of collectors can’t be used in „Solar heat pump system”.