Solar collectors are technical devices converting absorbed sun radiation into heat conveying it to the solar boiler, swimming pool through heat exchangers, under floor heating or heat accumulator.


Solar collectors are built comparatively simply – they consist of a frame, absorbing surface, heat isolation and shock absorbent safety glass. Copper pipes are placed under the absorbing surface conveying the heat transfer fluid which may not be poisonous toxic liquid due to safety reasons. Conveying heat transfer fluid SolarEko used by is completely harmless and safe for the environment, moreover, it has anti -corrosive properties.

Heat is produced when the sun radiation passes through the solar glass to absorbing surface and the energy produced by the sun can be used for heating water in the tank, swimming pool as well as for powering or supporting the central heating system.

Good quality and appropriate for Northern European climate solar collectors are a safe way to keep independent from fluctuating energy prices. It provides maximum financial yields and reduces carbon dioxide emission, protecting the environment.

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